Tuesday, December 15, 2009

twitter review: exorcism

I decided to follow up Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll with Exorcism, due to no other reason than my undying love for Maria Perschy.
And am immediately repaid for my faithfulness by yet another stunning Spanish redhead in a red dress slit up to her belly button about to sacrifice a dude.
At a hippie beach kegger, no less.
But my alliance is now with the busty hippie redhead getting high on dope and human blood with the hoop earrings. Not that I have a type.
This is the greatest movie ever.
We are *three* minutes into this movie and it's a psychedelic orgy. That's what we in the industry call front-loading.
Dude, your girl is too high to drive.
I told you so!
Oh no! My imaginary girlfriend is gonna get possessed by the devil! It's 1991 all over again!
"Grace Mills", or Mercedes Molina, our possessed blood-drinking heroine, really should have done more films.
Yeah, John! Take off your damn puritan mask!
Most obnoxious car horn ever.
How can anyone not like this movie? Because it's not The Exorcist? That's just stupid!
This movie improves on the exorcist in every way!
For instance, the possessed girl, instead of being a way underage Linda Blair, is a totally of age Mercedes Molina. For me, that's case closed.
Longtime readers will know I'm a big Linda Blair fan, so I'm not besmirching her at all. I'm just sayin'.
Ladies, the quickest way to a man's heart? "I'm an evil girl, and I'm going to prove it."
This is one high-class birthday party!
Hey, an Agrippa! Those ain't cheap!
Full frontal wah-guitar and bongos coven orgy. YES.
Now if you're gonna have a problem with this film, it's the Priest and Chief Talk It Out scenes.
thankfully we're only a couple minutes away from Maria having sex with a ghost.
This organ music really hits the spot as well.
Her possession contacts are *amazing*.
I'll admit, it doesn't have a really strong ending. But whatever, Exorcism rules. GOOD NIGHT AMSTERDAM!

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  1. It's kinda amazing (and a little distressing) that my whole twitter review of Possession doesn't mention our hero Naschy once. Weird, huh?