Tuesday, December 15, 2009

twitter review: blue eyes of the broken doll

Now Nashyfest kicks into high with Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll. You know how we do.
Naschy introduces the film by saying "Really, have a horrible time." Fucking *suave*, man.
Bulletproof lines for picking up little sisters: "I've been told to stay away from you." Extra points if you can do it while milking a cow.
"If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna take my shirt off and chop some wood. So to speak."
Did I mention Eva Leon? It's not a secret that I have a thing for bosomy Spanish redheads, but god *damn*.
Did I mention Maria Perschy? Can you sense a theme?
Naschy's not even there one day and he's making time! The guy is a legend!
Also, if you don't want your sedatives I'll take them for you. That's just the kind of pal I am.
One of the alternate English titles is House Of Psychotic Women, which is not quite as poetic but probably more accurate.
"You're just like me -- a wretched failure looking for love in order to feel important." ZING!
Did I mention Diana Lorys? Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll is a film that just keeps on giving and giving.
Also, for the record, that scaly hand woud not stop me either.
Jeez, just when Naschy gets settled in some ponce with a moustache has gotta cockblock him. Good thing our hero has a rake!
A knife! That's dirty pool, you greasy bohunk!
"I got stabbed in the gut section. Let me take my shirt off."
i hate to admit this, but when women say "No one can like me. I can only be disgusting.", that's usually when I make my move as well.
jeez, Dr. Exposition is a chatty fellow.
Naschy is kinda like the melancholy Bruce/David Banner, only instead of hulking out he strangles women. Or does he?
Dr. Exposition! When a woman takes her shirt off for no reason, this the time to make a move!
Getting an eyeball out of a human head ain't easy!
Ooh! Backpackers! And my favorite kind: braless hippie backpackers!
It takes a while for the murders to start, but once they do it really makes up for lost time.
"They will not catch me alive!" That's the spirit!
Nice locations, tho! Really scenic!
Holy crap! All of a sudden it's fucking Death Hunt!
"Avenge me! AVENGE MEEEEEE!"
bonus points for the Little Red Riding Hood homage.
Okay, stop, let's count off here.
The closing shot of the film is *really* nice, and super satisfying.
Obviously, an outstanding film, you can't go wrong. GOOD NIGHT AMSTERDAM!

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