Friday, September 2, 2011

return from the cathode void

So I left California and moved to New York. Trust me, it makes even less sense to me. Anyway, the good news is I appear to be in a productive mood again: the MPA album I Am An Empty House Longing To Be Haunted is completed and being pressed, I've started work on my contemporary cosmic freakout novelization Suffer A Witch To Live, and I might even get back to doing reviews. There's a couple new areas as far as that goes: the Video Nasty Project, in which I watch every film on the Video Nasty list and consider the reasons such films were lumped together, and the newly expanded Occult Pornography of the Seventies, for which I've done a lot more "research" on the crossroads between porn at its highest level of public credibility, the resurgence of the occult in the early seventies, and what I can only call psychosisploitation (Multiple Personality Disorder, fugue states, possession). I had a pretty long dry spell in Oakland but I was still watching a ton of movies, and I think what I'll do at least to start is work up three sentence synopses of what I've been watching and expand from there. I will most likely be working with Dana on some of this stuff. More soon! I miss you!

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