Monday, February 28, 2011

DUGAN LIVES: The Van and Malibu Beach

Let me begin by saying this about The Van: The song Chevy Van plays at least three times during the film. Maybe more! I lost count! In fact, it was re-released as Chevy Van despite the fact that the van in question is in fact a Dodge. Do not let this kind of inconsistency fool you, because this isn't that kind of movie. This is, instead, a coming-of-age story, which works along the tried and true premise that a boy who saves his money and works like a dog will eventually impress girls once he buys a pornographically ridiculous custom van called the Straight Arrow (just so you know, fellas, the humpwagon only stops for the ladies) with all kinds of erotic artifacts that the ladies love, like a toaster. As you may expect, Bobby's seemingly foolproof plan of asking the honeys if they wanna smoke a joint in the back of his shaggin' wagon do not go according to plan. This is primarily because, as you may have expected, Bobby is something of a dufus. It's worth noting that Stuart Goetz, who played Bobby, didn't have much of a career as an actor but is busily employed as a music editor for shows like One Tree Hill, The West Wing and the original GI Joe cartoon series. (more soon)

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