Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You might expect after a few months of seeming inactivity I'd do one of those "Sorry about my few months of seeming inactivity" posts, but no! I apologise for NOTHING! I've been finishing albums, finishing the book, doing research and trying not to act crazy in public to varying levels of success, but I think I'm set to kick back in on reviews again. If it's been a while, note that TODF is basically where I ramble about things I like, so if you're looking for insightful criticism or important perspectives on the state of contemporary horror filmmaking you're shit out of luck. Reviews in the hopper for The Candy Snatchers (which rules), Eugenie de Sade (which stars my imaginary girlfriend and thus rules by default) and The Killing of America (which doesn't rule, exactly, but is *interesting*), and I'm starting a bunch of reviews on what I call 70s Paranormal Culture (stuff like the Time/Life collections and the ABC Movie of the Week). plus the usual fabrications and blatant lies. BEWARE!

Also, I'm gonna try to tart up the site a little, put up stills for all the old reviews (including the Twitter reviews) and due to mouthing off a while back I'm going to at least attempt a revew of the Twilight films. God give me strength.

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