Tuesday, October 27, 2009

twitter review: welcome to arrow beach

next up: welcome to arrow beach
which is sorta like Dark Shadows if it was shot by the crew that made CHiPs.
oh hippie girl, take off your clothes and swim!
"Falling asleep on the beach could be dangerous, young lady!"
"and to think that my friends only know of day-glo!"
"Maybe Jason's problem is that he has too much tranquility."
there's some really nice bongo-electro funk action going on!
not even a bunch of scumbag bikers will help her!
"This girl's really gotta be on a bummer!"
"She could have been on PCP, mescaline, quaaludes...none of these things show up on a drug test." Note for the record, kids, this isn't true.
dude, i need to be a male nurse, and tell hippie chicks they can crash at my pad.
our heroine makes some really questionable fashion choices in this film.
the cops make a bet on whether pyrellidex is an upper or a downer. beautiful.
syntho freakout hatchet killer!
hippie girl is going to san diego. that's a fucking mistake.
theremin wigout!
awwww, the hippie girl and the male nurse are getting it on.
"The strongest stuff I've ever been on is grass!"
and here, ladies and gentlemen, is the best line of the film: "The places where a woman could inject herself defy the imagination!"
"I think Jason Henry tries to kill people! Girl people!"
man, what a messed-up movie. i dug it, tho. GOOD NIGHT, AMSTERDAM!

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