Tuesday, October 27, 2009

twitter review: blood mania

so i'm following up with Blood Mania. this is a good one for a review because it has awesome bits and really boring chunks.
but the opening credits are *awesome*! total cheap freakout wah-wah see-through nightgown action.
and as a lifelong fan of women with red hair, there's a lot to like in the casting choices.
the copy i'm watching is from the mill creek drive-in classics 3 collection and i gotta say the print looks superb.
"I've heard of people like you!"
maria de aragon fans will be better off hunting up Wonder Women. which i think is the influence for "fox force five" in pulp fiction. plus, it's got sid haig AND nancy kwan AND ROSS HAGEN! rommel lives!
apparently she's also in Teenager, which i've always wanted to see.
but you dudes know her as Greedo in Star Wars.
(by the way, HAN SHOT FIRST)
one interesting thing about blood mania is the psychedelic freakout scene is actually brought on by amyls. super 70s!
this is actually a pretty good movie by bummerism standards. note, however, for a movie called blood mania there's no blood.
also, the heavy in this movie *almost* looks like a cross between gene simmons and james spader. think about THAT!
crow: "I thought underwear was supposed to match?"
man, the soundtrack is just ridiculously perfect. i gotta score a copy.
i still don't have a vibra-slap, by the way. i gotta get on that.
"At least he died with dignity."
this is another of those "get the inheritance" deals, and it's not Hitchcock, but i've certainly seen worse.
hey, alex rocco! all right!
Vicki Peters, by the way, was april '72 playmate of the month.
"You are a bitch. Come here, bitch!"
hey, the will...Gail gets the money! ZINGER!
you know what, i'd be pretty stoked to get that sweet house and $250 a week. i can buy a lot of trashy dvds with that kinda scratch!
this reading of the will is pretty much how all the readings i've ever been to have gone.
anyway, here's where victoria starts to go batshit insane.
"What am I gonna do with all that money?" "Well, you don't have your own yacht."
here's a chunk of boring crap with the nurse and gail. hear that? that's the pot boiling.
so where does dr. feelgood take gail in an attempt to impress her? the fucking REN FAIRE. HUZZAH!
then he takes her to the beach. this part of the movie is called "let's dick around california for a couple days and shoot footage".
meanwhile, victoria paints crazy-ass paintings to freakout sounds and man i'm totally falling for her.
dr. craig is chasing gail around the rumpus room! with zebraskin rug! FREAKOUT!
oh, directors? if you have a character in your film for comic relief? get rid of that character. they suuuuuuuck.
yeah yeah yeah! kill, victoria, my crazy nutjob imaginary girlfriend!
i'm keeping my fingers crossed dr. craig dingleberry gets his.
yes, dr. craig sideburns, open the door!
cry, dr. craig goofbag! cry your eyes out!
oh snap! it's the heavy!
oh, and did i mention the ending? no? that's because there isn't one.
anyway, if you're willing to overlook some pretty big problems, there's some good stuff in blood mania. no blood, tho. GOOD NIGHT AMSTERDAM!

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