Thursday, August 6, 2009

TODF keywords

This is my version of Jeremy's yearly one hundred favorite things lists.
  1. depressing acoustic guitar title/ending song (bonus points if sung by a member of the cast)

  2. religious iconography (bonus points for Tibetan Buddhist or Eastern Orthodox)

  3. "confusing"

  4. woman bathing in bathtub filled with blood (bonus points if she stands up)

  5. a scene where a character has his/her fortune read

  6. driving scenes involving '60s/early '70s muscle cars, motorcycles or conversion vans

  7. "arty"

  8. exploding heads

  9. pipe organ solos (bonus points if one of the characters actually plays the pipe organ)

  10. some huge piece of minimalist or pop sculpture

  11. "gratuitous"

  12. catacombs (bonus points if only reachable by trap doors)

  13. bell towers (bonus points if someone gets killed and falls down the shaft)

  14. fuzzed-out guitar (the more the better)

  15. "delirious"

  16. women in nightgowns running in slow motion

  17. infrared photography

  18. "hypnagogic"

  19. the audio sped up or slowed down

  20. the film cranked at half speed

  21. "outlandish"

  22. a disclaimer at the beginning of the film

  23. using multiple locations to suggest one elaborate confusing location

  24. "unwatchable"

  25. a truly great composer (likely contenders: Jerry Goldsmith, Les Baxter, Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone -- unlikely contenders: Marvin Gaye, Terry Riley, Angus Maclise)

  26. a less than great composer who understands the genius of lots of recurring themes, synth bloop, faux-Indian instruments and breathy choral bits

  27. a scene in a library (bonus points for a scene flipping through an ancient tome with lots of creepy woodcuts)

  28. a scene where someone shoots up and then the camera gets all soft focus and slow motion

  29. "illogical"

  30. a seance with lots of speaking in tongues (points deducted if the members goof off unless they are killed during the seance)

  31. Soledad Miranda (infinite bonus points if she gets naked, or wears some super-mod outfit with thigh-high boots, or hell, who am I kidding, she could be in an Arby's outfit reading the want ads and it's infinite bonus points)

(more on the way)

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