Thursday, October 28, 2010

paul lynde, american folk hero

The 1970s were good to Paul Lynde, and he was ready to make the Lyndest of them with television variety show specials for ABC. The Paul Lynde Halloween Special is perhaps an ideal test subject for a certain kind of brain-rot very much akin to overdosing on Halloween candy, lying on the rumpus room floor in a heap while licking the inside of your Batman mask and dumbing it way, way down. It's not *funny* in the sense that funny is supposed to make you laugh, and I've had people run from the room in total incomprehension, but for me this kind of sweaty pointless (probably) coke-fuelled extravaganza is soothing in a regressive Altered States kinda way. Also, KISS is in it, and this is actually the perfect environment for KISS. Here's a taste, to give you an idea:

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