Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MPA: Play Something Slow box set

(I try not to cross the streams too much with my various projects, but I figure an exception is due in this case: MPA is my junk-drone-freakout band, which has its ten year anniversary this year, and I put together a box set of waaaaay more material than any reasonable person would ever want to listen to. You can hear some of these songs on the MPA myspace page. If you're interested let me know.)

That's right, it's finally here: every out of print MPA album available in the mp3 format on a DVD crammed with unreleased and alternate tracks, photos and documents from the Age of Midwest Death Cult 1999-2009. Also includes a cdr with MPA's greatest hits, so all the songs you grew up with are available in whatever format tickles your hindbrain. Lovingly remastered from the original masters, these songs are of much higher quality than the sketchy rips floating around the internet. Each box also contains the incomplete novel And So On For Ever in the original fragment-text format and a one of a kind Teraphim Mystery Recording cassette -- each one unique and never to be reissued. The box also includes photos, xerox experiments, fetish-items and Sockfucker Blues: The Unauthorized History of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate. Available exclusively from me for twenty dollars (postage included). Note: this collection does not include the still in print albums Mar'ah, Church of Mandrax and Blearyeared (though it does include the Blearyeared bonus "Intermission: I Do Not Wish To Continue"). I'll include a bonus copy of the brand new Durga On The Wing of Abomination ep with every order. If you want one, msg me here or email mpa via cryptonarrative at the com domain. All proceeds go to help fund the Theater of Diminished Faculties.

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