Sunday, May 24, 2009

todf: an introduction

This might be a little confusing.

When I was a little kid, I remember staying up late and watching all sorts of weird television on cable, but I also remember watching a local public access channel whose call letters were (I *think*) TODF, or KTODF, or something. The channel called itself The Toad, and only ran at night -- during the day the channel was a PBS channel. There were all night movies, children's shows (I never got why a channel would run children's shows at night -- maybe this was some kinda funding thing), ultra-confusing religious broadcasting and the usual public access stuff, only it all seemed like it was done by the same people, like all these shows fit together somehow. This channel went off the air in 1983 (when I was ten) and was later replaced by the local university's channel. I can't find any information about TODF anywhere, so I started this weblog in order to write down what I remember (which might not be entirely factual) and see if anyone else out there has any information. Some of the things I remember watching were edited versions of actual movies (lots of Toho and Russian fairy tale films) which I've since seen, and I'll compare the edited and actual versions. One thing I specifically remember, and maybe I'm just confusing TODF with Night Flight or endless hours of staring at scrambled porn channels trying to see a boob, is some of the stuff was very loosely edited, like they did the editing themselves, so you'd get flashes of fairly hardcore nudity or ultra-gore but then straight into some endless exposition. Sometimes they'd only show part of a movie and then slip into the middle of an episode of a hollow-earth expose or a documentary on the mating habits of cicadas. I didn't really get it at the time, but the people who ran TODF were obviously weirdoes and heads, so while I can imagine college kids giggling between bong hits I figured it was just how television was supposed to be. If you have any information on any of this, drop me a line!

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